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Right here is a wiki page about movies that have been rumored, but don't exist for many reasons.

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Hello and welcome to Rumored Movies Wiki where anyone can post a movie that has been rumored to have been in the works, but there was no evidence of the film being made. Before joining:

1. Find a movie that has long been rumored and doesn't exist and paste it here. Logos and or trailers for movie are optional.

2. Add these headers on the name of the movie page after Naming the page: Plot, Will It Exist Or Not?

3. Spam, profanity and false information about the rumored movie are not allowed on here.

4. Plagiarism is forbidden. If anyone here copies and pastes from whichever website that mentions any of these films, you will be banned temporarily. If it keeps going on, you will not be invited back.

5. No getting pages off of Idea Wiki, please!

6. Enjoy learning about these rumored movies!

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